Too much

I actually saw this at my friends house.  He makes a point.   I get nervous when people start hawking products.  It’s too much.   Well guys, work’s been busy, not much poetry as you can see.


Late post

Sorry guys I know you’ve wondered where I’ve been. My new girl is awesome by the way, 🚼👫 can see us together until the end of time. Or we kill each other. LOL, I am obviously kidding.

Obviously you can tell she’s gotten me in the emoticon land. Haha.

This does not mean I will not post. I am going to post a lot in the future. A lot. I have so much to share and a few drafts of poetry. I will keep up if I can tbeing regular.

So, I’ll tell you, she’s gotten me into some very interesting shows. This is my first night watching “Black Mirror” and, I think it is pleasant, so far. We are watching episode “San Junipero” and it is interesting and beautiful women.

I hopeshe’s not peeking over my shoulder, LOL.

Show still hasn’t rounded second but I think the most important question in it is:  You’re not from around here, are you? (Haha, here being this planet) #Averyinterestingshow



Update!!! It was weird. But the next episode looks way, way better. There are soldiers.

A view from inside the Bottle

I tried writing some political poetry on here before, and it was pretty good for a guy that dabbled back in high school and college.  I think I should clear up (without a poem) my thoughts on OUR new president Donald J, Trump.

YES, we all know he has made a couple of mistakes.  In my opinion, the Twitter posts are unprofessional and if my boss ever even said the words, “Yeah man, I tweeted that the other day…” all of the crew would keel over and pass out in their brains.  We wouldn’t show it, but we would be shocked at it and try not to talk about it later.  He needs to hold professional press conferences like he did this week, and then the liberals would stop their whining and carrying-on at least about that part of it.

So, what I’m saying her is, that while I DO NOT support anarchy or actions like flag-burning, I DO support having free speech, and a MEDIA that can do that.

I SUPPORT the president of the United States, but my support of him does not mean that I support actions like getting too close to the Russians.  This I cannot sign up with.

I’m going to wait for all the facts, I WILL NOT be a blind sheep supporter, just because I did not like Hillary or the other choices.

What I’m saying is that I can believe in DJT and still be angry about the Russian bullshit, you can call bullshit when you see it.




I’m glad some other people and thinkers in WordPress sparked my interest and caused me to think harder about these current state affairs. AS WELL I hope the next woman I meet and date will not go on and on and on about HER politics when we go out for dinner.  This actually happened to me.  She would not quit and was LOUD and rude and even threatened me to a point when I said I did not agree with her about a committee selection.  Next time, I am going to choose someone who is ACCEPTING and LOVING of all views, and not only the ones that she agrees with.  That is judgmental and hypocrisy. I am a nice guy. You don’t have to agree with me, but I won’t be yelled at.




3 Scientific discoveries in 2016

























You guys don’t know whit about Collateral Beauty (The movie is GREAT.)

WELL well well…

just as I thought.

This movie was fucking awesome. I can’t believe that I almost didn’t go to see it. I started to read all of the movie reviews and second-guessed myself, which I don’t usually do. I kept reading about how awful it was from every angle and specific and it definitely made my Spidey-sense go up.

I mean, come on. You think Will Smith and EdwardfuckingNorton and all those other good good actors would just sign-on to some wackadoodle bullshit?  No.  No, they wouldn’t.

And in my last post I was writing so quick (so I wouldn’t miss the beginning) that I forgot to even mention Edward Norton is in it, who just gets points because he is so chill.

Celebrities On The Set Of 'Collateral Beauty' In NYC



But before I get too bromance about it, let’s all have a hand for the hot, hot,

still hot Kera hotKnightly. I think I can still say hot.



(She’s really hot.)




Ok, enough curse words because just in case someone who in the future would like to date me again and reads through my blog website, they don’t get the idea I am not a good honest guy, because I am. So, back to the spidey-sense, I went to go and see the movie anyway and it made me think. If you look past some of the mental flairs you would see that this movie is way deeper than what they were really talking about.

It was weird, right off the bat, I got the sense in my mind that all the members of the board were just like mirrors of different parts of my own personality, reflected back at me. They were trying to kick my outer ME out of the business, the one wearing the public mask and pulling it all together. OR, they were trying to pull me in with them. So it was good to look past the simple plot into what it means for the whole human being.


WEll, I won’t tell the movie so I won’t give the plot (even though a bunch of critics decided to try to undermine the movie and do that already, what assholes).

It doesn’t make sense how the critics would discourage people in the world to see this good movie, sure, some parts were absurd, but absurd in the way chopping down a tree and dragging it into your living room, abusing and humiliating it, and then dumping it on the corner or city dump when you’re through with your fun is absurd.


That makes me think. It made me, toward the end, when listening to Kera Knightly talk about love, it made me decide to delete my Tinder account.

I re-signed up recently because EVERYONE is on it, but it still just doesn’t think real. I get so many matches from swipes but nobody talks to me. Kera made me think of what it would feel like to have a real connection again, and now I have hope that there is someone, somewhere out there who would not throw me in the city dump, or the corner.

Maybe that’s not true, but thank you Fresh Prince for rekindling the good parts I have left in me.




F*ck what they said, I’m going to see Collateral Beauty.

For myself.


I’ts Will SMITH.  I’ll decide.

…although he did do after-earth but we will see


I’m out.


I’ll be back Obama, hear your speech later

I know its important




I don’t know how far I can go with this

I’m gonna give you a big mac
You’re gonna give me a baby

there’s a lot of permeability between these two…


Oh He’s in So much trouble, so so so, so so so, so so much trouble.

C’mon man you can’t say this type of stuff out loud…

I’m trying to write political poetry

Hello again.  I have been writing in response to the political arena and I was thinking I was not up to the challenge, because I’ve read some really good ones.  My friend, who is a middle school teacher and wonderful cook 😉 encouraged me to write from the heart.  She said that it is what she tells her students every time they get nervous.  She is a wonderful lady and I would love a chance in the sack but since I know she is dating for a very long time (I know the guy, he works at the shop) I will not pursue a dedicated relationship.  I believe that we all should live a morally upright (or at least try to) type of life.  I know this is one of my great qualities to offer my wife-to-be one day.  Here is my poem.

I am still working on the title, it seems dull.  Thank you for reading and have a nice night.


I am tired.

I am tired of the whiners
telling each other and
into stale and flatter beers:
“Oh the world is in shambles, and what are we to do?”

Why don’t you go home and watch another reality show
or paint your dog’s toenails
red, white, and blue.
The morgue is waiting for you
and they have all the latest fashions
high-end Macy’s style rouge
for your fat, sugary cheeks
and dimpled ass bottoms
from the ding dongs you ate when you were trying to stuff all the emotions
from yesterday
into tomorrow.

Sorry about this poem
I know it’s a little mean,
but sometimes when I see you
waddling down the street
I want to run up to you screeching
and tearing at your hair
punching you repeatedly
until you beg for mercy and whimper why why why
why did you do this
and I’ll wheeze
why did we do this



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