Don’t leave

I wrote a poem.  It’s corny, but what I mean to say.




You may think I cared if you lied

I don’t. I mean I won’t, well

I do.


But it’s only for a moment

when I think of you I

condone it.

And I know that this rhymes

I can’t help.


If only you knew

how much I’d rather with you

you would no longer fear

what I think.


Believe me baby I say

I’d take any day

than a year

with some one

if you knew.


I like it when people talk to me

One of the best things is when I’m on the job and one of the guys starts joking with me about his wife or whatever. We’re shaping a window or sanding and he starts shooting the crap and then we start talking about REAL THINGS.

I wouldn’t say it at work and you know why. I can say it here. I also enjoy when I do something wrong (Well not DOING something wrong!) and one of ’em points in out in a good way. NOT in front of everybody. So I’m posting a poem here and if YOU WOULD LIKE TO I am allowing you to post a comment in the comment section and tell me what you think, or improvements. I will listen!

The BIBLE says “Have patience God, isn’t finished yet.” Philippians 1.6
I think it is a good thing to think about and let them say in school and maybe that would start making our country better again. That’s a different topic altogether. Have a Good Day! The poem is below.

(This is an experiment. A poem about talking to someone and inner reflection. Trying something new.)


A Filthy Day

Oh God.

Another day.


Why do we have to do this crap?

Why do I look out the window and see my neighbor’s dirty, filthy siding

that has not been washed in years
and how does he live there?

Who lives like that?
Why can’t he just wash it?

I know I’m supposed to love everyone and it gets more and more difficult when I have to look at this ridiculous man’s dirty siding.

It used to be a yellowish beige,

but now the rain-drenched and mud-streaked vinyl

warps and cause my ire: early. Early in the morning.

I take my coffee

Out to the porch and I see this catastrophe and wonder why you don’t

consider a fiber cement trim, or some sort of composite.

IT resists ROTTING



and pests.


Who are you?

Do you own a circular saw?

I never see you in your yard.

Sometimes late at night I hear your truck pull up

(It is very late)

and you move in real fast.

When I look out the window to catch you and figure it out

I can see you duck your head to the left, always wear BLACK and big jackets

but never with someone.


You go in real fast.

It’s weird to me and I think about the siding again.

It is one of the worst things I’ve seen in my life.

You can find siding: wood panel, stone veneer… There is freedom of choice.

Pine, plywood, insulated, shake and shingle. Many options.


In 1937, Frank Hoass began experimenting with steel siding in imitation of wood boards.

He made houses great for the blue collar Americans in the city.

After the war, his business took off.

He fixed the rust problem by adding,

not subtracting,

a locking joint that joined with a flange on each panel


You should be grateful.

You don’t even try.


If it were not for him, your house would be a big ball of rust,

corroted and disintegrating

like our souls. (Without God)

You guys don’t know whit about Collateral Beauty (The movie is GREAT.)

WELL well well…

just as I thought.

This movie was fucking awesome. I can’t believe that I almost didn’t go to see it. I started to read all of the movie reviews and second-guessed myself, which I don’t usually do. I kept reading about how awful it was from every angle and specific and it definitely made my Spidey-sense go up.

I mean, come on. You think Will Smith and EdwardfuckingNorton and all those other good good actors would just sign-on to some wackadoodle bullshit?  No.  No, they wouldn’t.

And in my last post I was writing so quick (so I wouldn’t miss the beginning) that I forgot to even mention Edward Norton is in it, who just gets points because he is so chill.

Celebrities On The Set Of 'Collateral Beauty' In NYC



But before I get too bromance about it, let’s all have a hand for the hot, hot,

still hot Kera hotKnightly. I think I can still say hot.



(She’s really hot.)




Ok, enough curse words because just in case someone who in the future would like to date me again and reads through my blog website, they don’t get the idea I am not a good honest guy, because I am. So, back to the spidey-sense, I went to go and see the movie anyway and it made me think. If you look past some of the mental flairs you would see that this movie is way deeper than what they were really talking about.

It was weird, right off the bat, I got the sense in my mind that all the members of the board were just like mirrors of different parts of my own personality, reflected back at me. They were trying to kick my outer ME out of the business, the one wearing the public mask and pulling it all together. OR, they were trying to pull me in with them. So it was good to look past the simple plot into what it means for the whole human being.


WEll, I won’t tell the movie so I won’t give the plot (even though a bunch of critics decided to try to undermine the movie and do that already, what assholes).

It doesn’t make sense how the critics would discourage people in the world to see this good movie, sure, some parts were absurd, but absurd in the way chopping down a tree and dragging it into your living room, abusing and humiliating it, and then dumping it on the corner or city dump when you’re through with your fun is absurd.


That makes me think. It made me, toward the end, when listening to Kera Knightly talk about love, it made me decide to delete my Tinder account.

I re-signed up recently because EVERYONE is on it, but it still just doesn’t think real. I get so many matches from swipes but nobody talks to me. Kera made me think of what it would feel like to have a real connection again, and now I have hope that there is someone, somewhere out there who would not throw me in the city dump, or the corner.

Maybe that’s not true, but thank you Fresh Prince for rekindling the good parts I have left in me.



I’m trying to write political poetry

Hello again.  I have been writing in response to the political arena and I was thinking I was not up to the challenge, because I’ve read some really good ones.  My friend, who is a middle school teacher and wonderful cook 😉 encouraged me to write from the heart.  She said that it is what she tells her students every time they get nervous.  She is a wonderful lady and I would love a chance in the sack but since I know she is dating for a very long time (I know the guy, he works at the shop) I will not pursue a dedicated relationship.  I believe that we all should live a morally upright (or at least try to) type of life.  I know this is one of my great qualities to offer my wife-to-be one day.  Here is my poem.

I am still working on the title, it seems dull.  Thank you for reading and have a nice night.


I am tired.

I am tired of the whiners
telling each other and
into stale and flatter beers:
“Oh the world is in shambles, and what are we to do?”

Why don’t you go home and watch another reality show
or paint your dog’s toenails
red, white, and blue.
The morgue is waiting for you
and they have all the latest fashions
high-end Macy’s style rouge
for your fat, sugary cheeks
and dimpled ass bottoms
from the ding dongs you ate when you were trying to stuff all the emotions
from yesterday
into tomorrow.

Sorry about this poem
I know it’s a little mean,
but sometimes when I see you
waddling down the street
I want to run up to you screeching
and tearing at your hair
punching you repeatedly
until you beg for mercy and whimper why why why
why did you do this
and I’ll wheeze
why did we do this



Mixing it up

Hello world of WordPress!  It’s been awhile.  I got busy with working, as usual.  At least you women out there know that there are guys that work for fun and for pleasure.  The money is a perk (a good one at that).  I’m still dating and available.  I have scaled back on the “seriousness” of the previous relationship, yet we are still remaining very amiable friends, because when you are mature and good-natured, you can do this.

I am glad to be writing again and I worked on this for a few weeks here and there.  It still doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and I read it to my dog (lol) and he liked it ha ha.  Ok, seriously, it’s a mix-up of a few different things that happened but from reading some of you guys, I can see that is a good thing sometimes.  Ok, here goes! (kinda nervous for something different and I don’t know why…)



To Elsyium, while riding this fat rubber chicken

little snot boy yells
“It’s really a goose!”
So I straddled his dog, a bent yellow yankee.

I wrote down this poem,
on a scrap from his book,
since I “borrowed” his backpack.

And even though I know it doesn’t make sense,
it does when Matt Damon
reads from the script,
and the cameraman winks
and pulls out a wedgie.

I thought there’d be fields, nouns… some thin pretty chicks-
a milk or a honey…
some gas, grocery bag, those saver card points…


(I didn’t really “Borrow” his backpack because I don’t really steal… just to clear that up in case anyone is wondering) I believe in honesty, and it is a valuable trait in potential dating subjects and life


So yeah I put my profile on here not really thinking I would meet a great woman.  I thought it would be a new way to do it and interesting and kinda (ha ha) funny, like look what I did.  I meant to come put some more things about my personality on here as I know people check on that kind of thing and want to know who you are.  I was busy working and to be 100 about it I was feeling a little down. But now I’m back to the old usual self and I think it’s time to keep putting me out there.


It is kind of relaxing to sit and write even if the TV is playing in the background and the dog is barking, etcetera.  ‘Cuz how many episodes of thrones can you watch really before I get really down.  It’s a good show but I want to do other stuff too.  To be well-rounded, and I am, don’t get me wrong.  I’m just saying to strive for the top and I keep myself with an eye on the sparrow, reading uplifting books, prayer, lifting weights, etectera.


Anyway, I meet at great woman WHO DOES NOT PLAY GAMES and is pretty and specific.  She always says what’s on her mind and I do not have to play the guessing gaem of where she really wants to eat and etcetera.  We are still getting to know each other but I know she is a HONEST good woman and I wrote a poem about her.  I asked her if she minded me writing it (because that is the right thing to do) and she said no, it is beautiful.  I am still fixing it up but here goes.




And when she comes into my mouth my eyes
closing to the blue
envelopes flap through her downcast eye.

Lids and pots, black to blue,
cy more like indigo or night violet it’s
really a throbbing thing
not burnt
or with “a cry.”

She makes me laugh
and when I double over
the bathroom sink
clutching my dick
she moans her lips pressed into the cold basin
I place my forehead near her faucet
no words can describe


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Met 2 Liars. Looked 35-40 yrs. Older Than Pics!

(I figured I'd put this here too?) 

Loveiswhatyoumakeit45: Met 2 Liars. Looked 35-40 yrs. Older Than Pics!

Smokes Occasionally with A Few Extra Pounds body type
Grand Rapids, MI
45 year old Male, 6' 2" (189cm), Other
Other, Capricorn
Loveiswhatyoumakeit45 wants to find someone to marry.
Some College
Free Thinker








Hey, alrighty then!


I am Seeking a Woman For Long Term
Needs Test
Not Completed
Not Completed

Do you drink? Socially Do you want children? Prefer Not To Say
Marital Status Divorced Do you do drugs? No
Hair Color Brown Eye Color Grey
Do you have a car? Prefer Not To Say Do you have children? All my kids are over 18
Longest Relationship Over 3 years How ambitious are you? Somewhat Ambitious
Pets Dog


• God
• Discussing the Bible
• Pop
• Amy grant
• Olivia newton-john
• Kenny Rogers
• Bryan Adams
• Elvis
• Michael jackson
• Prince
• Garth Brooks
• Wille nelson
• Gordon lightfoot
• Credence Clearwater Rivival
• Carpenters
• EdTV soundtrack
• Bee Gees
• Luther Vandross
• Johnny Cash
• Elton John
• George michael
• Bette Midler
• Billy Idol
• Adam Lambert
• Michael McDonald
• Doobie Brothers
• Breathe
• Reo speedwagon
• Cher
• Ray Charles
• Easy Listening
• Top 40
• Decent rap/a little heavy metal
• Movies The Ten Commandments
• Edtv
• A Time To Kill
• Titanic
• Forrest Gump
• Play Misty For Me
• Terminator 2
• Standup comedy
• Richard Pryor
• Others
• Art Museums
• Photography
• Traveling
• Meeting decent people
• Singing
• Bargain shopping
• Weight lifting

About Me
Please, have up to date pictures. Or you are wasting your time messaging me. I’m 45 yrs.young, 6’2″ tall, h/w proportionate, d/d free.

First off. it may appear that I’m online all the time. I’m actually not. I just stay logged in to not have to keep signing in. Also I may not get on this site everyday so, if you message me and I haven’t responded to you yet, that may be why. That being related I’m going to get right into this.

I don’t cheat, lie, or steal. I’m loyal to my mate (whoever I’m REALLY with), am helpful, level-headed, have a good sense of humor, am playful sometimes, and I believe in the existence of an Almighty Being (I have my reasons).

To me it’s unethical to date other people while you’re seeing someone else. That’s a juggling act that doesn’t sit well with me. I’d rather not indulge.

I’m not on here looking for sex or one night stands. Sex can be as cool as a fan with the right partner but I’m looking for more than that. I’m seeking someone who wants, needs, and would like/love to have a real relationship, not a bunch of time-wasting crap.

If you want a REAL man, someone who will honor, respect, care for, and treat you right, the way a person should be treated, I’m one of those men.
Bless you REAL people out there. To you others (racists, game players, liars, cheaters, gold-diggers, the unforgiving who hold grudges, and the like), if there IS a literal burning, tormenting hell, why wonder who’s going to it?

Age, handicap, past ok, too. Love has no limitations, as long as it’s treated RIGHT.

So, as far as dating or seriously being together with someone, ethnicity really doesn’t matter. Looks, like one’s color, are only skin-deep. Only a foolish person will buy a book because the cover is pretty. That’s stupid.

I do not care about how much money you have or your lack of it for that matter. I’m a realist. Again, character matters most to me. Tricks and games are kid stuff. Why not keep it 100%? Love IS what you make it. All else is simply a waste of time.

Your child/ren, if you are a mother, is/are most welcome. I like the gaiety, wonder and surprise of children but mainly their innocence. It’s especially for children that I’m working on different projects to help make this world a better place.

I’m not selfish like some guys who leave a woman “hanging” in the bedroom, either. I know how to please and satisfy whomever I get with, providing, of course, that it’s…LIKE THAT!!! I know there’s more than one way to love a woman.

I have many common interests, am versatile, an all around kind of guy, love to laugh and make others laugh, like having fun, good times. Laughter truly is very good medicine for the soul.

I don’t like arguing. I don’t and won’t fight. That’s barbaric! I’m easygoing.

The “meet me” thing. Is that legit? If you really want to meet someone, why not just message them? (Obviously people who send that, if it’s not the system slyly doing it, are people who do not even take the time to read the person/s of interest’s profile/s. I guess they are just mindless, booty call-seeking horny toads. STD’S MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU PEOPLE AT ALL?!)

Although I don’t bite and am kindhearted and friendly, I’m NOT a fool. And I’m certainly NOT paying to “meet” someone when it’s basically free to do so. How dumb is that? My name is NOT Billy Bob Bananahead!!

I have a place, some income and I’m not a gossiper, player, or someone who will leave you for someone else, no matter what. I’m compassionate and sincere all the time.

I’m NOT perfect. If that’s what you want (DING! DING! DING!), wrong ad! But I can truthfully tell you that I’m a good man.

I don’t like racists, lying, trifling, vindictive, secret agenda-having, scandalous, self-centered people, regardless of their race or gender. (Hopefully this will ward off those who are like that.)

I write songs, poetry, too, sometimes, have a little recording studio in my apartment. Not loud. I use headphones. Not stupid or inconsiderate of other people.

If you want to know more, leave a message and/or your phone number. I will answer asap.

First Date
If you can walk and chew bubble-gum at the same time, don’t have the personality of a wet mop, are not built like Arnold Swartzennegger, don’t have children who act like they watch movies on how to be midget terrorists, and are not on medication (lol) prescribed by a “street pharmacist,” we can meet, have a drink or two of something, and get to know each other beyond pof.

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