I think my girlfriend took this class

Keep Reading!  It gets funnier after the first one.  Off to the races!





re: Beth

After the rough week I had I was doing just fine handling it and then I had a rocky spot, but Beth made a joke that literally killed me.

She is so funny.  I won’t go on and on.  I have to write something and I will not let my Blog go barren again.


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Everything is bad these days, I know.  Good for all, my new girlfriend keeps me on my toes and when I’m get angry at the gym for the “women” on the next two treadmills going on and on about their summer vacations and kid she texts me or calls and I don’t take all things seriously again.  We watched Baby Mamma last night and I never laughed so hard.  Maybe it will help you like me:






Next time I bring my Maracas

You can’t fake this kind of chemistry.  I swear to God I just learned about this woman tonight when my uncle Stan told me to look it up.  He talked about a car commercial, too, so I Googled her name on YouTube and this jewel fell out of the internet.

It is funny how things can be unplanned, but then match up with some other events.  I saw a woman on the street who looked almost just like her, a few days ago.  She wasn’t smiling or dancing, but she was close to the same.


But we DO have a female president!

Look at her! 



Just look at her!



…Don’t fuck with her!




It’s so funny, I never thought I’d be watching a show like this.  My new dating partner likes to watch this and a few other crazy shows and even though it is something new for me, I like to sit with her and listen to her laugh and watch her play on her phone during the commercials 😉  Yes, it is annoying but she seems to enjoy it and I just like to watch her smile.  Martha and Snoop are pretty funny together.

I know it’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world right now so I needed to write about the comedy relief.  It helps sometimes for people, I think.  Have a good day everyone and I hope it goes well

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