August 2017

Love one another.

Let us all love one another.  We can learn from history that anger, hate, and fighting does not get us anywhere and it will lead into a nother civil war if it is left unchecked.  Let us chose the light and love, read positive affirmations and offer a smile to a stranger, it helps.

Let us not repeat negative influences to each  other.  It is not helping.  Let this be a chain of love and purport it like the “letter chains” we used to do.  Send this to 10 people you love (and even those you don’t) and you will spread positive light.  Keep your smile going!

Be in peace.


Too much

I actually saw this at my friends house.  He makes a point.   I get nervous when people start hawking products.  It’s too much.   Well guys, work’s been busy, not much poetry as you can see.

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