Hello again.  I have been writing in response to the political arena and I was thinking I was not up to the challenge, because I’ve read some really good ones.  My friend, who is a middle school teacher and wonderful cook 😉 encouraged me to write from the heart.  She said that it is what she tells her students every time they get nervous.  She is a wonderful lady and I would love a chance in the sack but since I know she is dating for a very long time (I know the guy, he works at the shop) I will not pursue a dedicated relationship.  I believe that we all should live a morally upright (or at least try to) type of life.  I know this is one of my great qualities to offer my wife-to-be one day.  Here is my poem.

I am still working on the title, it seems dull.  Thank you for reading and have a nice night.


I am tired.

I am tired of the whiners
telling each other and
into stale and flatter beers:
“Oh the world is in shambles, and what are we to do?”

Why don’t you go home and watch another reality show
or paint your dog’s toenails
red, white, and blue.
The morgue is waiting for you
and they have all the latest fashions
high-end Macy’s style rouge
for your fat, sugary cheeks
and dimpled ass bottoms
from the ding dongs you ate when you were trying to stuff all the emotions
from yesterday
into tomorrow.

Sorry about this poem
I know it’s a little mean,
but sometimes when I see you
waddling down the street
I want to run up to you screeching
and tearing at your hair
punching you repeatedly
until you beg for mercy and whimper why why why
why did you do this
and I’ll wheeze
why did we do this