Hello world of WordPress!  It’s been awhile.  I got busy with working, as usual.  At least you women out there know that there are guys that work for fun and for pleasure.  The money is a perk (a good one at that).  I’m still dating and available.  I have scaled back on the “seriousness” of the previous relationship, yet we are still remaining very amiable friends, because when you are mature and good-natured, you can do this.

I am glad to be writing again and I worked on this for a few weeks here and there.  It still doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and I read it to my dog (lol) and he liked it ha ha.  Ok, seriously, it’s a mix-up of a few different things that happened but from reading some of you guys, I can see that is a good thing sometimes.  Ok, here goes! (kinda nervous for something different and I don’t know why…)



To Elsyium, while riding this fat rubber chicken

little snot boy yells
“It’s really a goose!”
So I straddled his dog, a bent yellow yankee.

I wrote down this poem,
on a scrap from his book,
since I “borrowed” his backpack.

And even though I know it doesn’t make sense,
it does when Matt Damon
reads from the script,
and the cameraman winks
and pulls out a wedgie.

I thought there’d be fields, nouns… some thin pretty chicks-
a milk or a honey…
some gas, grocery bag, those saver card points…


(I didn’t really “Borrow” his backpack because I don’t really steal… just to clear that up in case anyone is wondering) I believe in honesty, and it is a valuable trait in potential dating subjects and life