So yeah I put my profile on here not really thinking I would meet a great woman.  I thought it would be a new way to do it and interesting and kinda (ha ha) funny, like look what I did.  I meant to come put some more things about my personality on here as I know people check on that kind of thing and want to know who you are.  I was busy working and to be 100 about it I was feeling a little down. But now I’m back to the old usual self and I think it’s time to keep putting me out there.


It is kind of relaxing to sit and write even if the TV is playing in the background and the dog is barking, etcetera.  ‘Cuz how many episodes of thrones can you watch really before I get really down.  It’s a good show but I want to do other stuff too.  To be well-rounded, and I am, don’t get me wrong.  I’m just saying to strive for the top and I keep myself with an eye on the sparrow, reading uplifting books, prayer, lifting weights, etectera.


Anyway, I meet at great woman WHO DOES NOT PLAY GAMES and is pretty and specific.  She always says what’s on her mind and I do not have to play the guessing gaem of where she really wants to eat and etcetera.  We are still getting to know each other but I know she is a HONEST good woman and I wrote a poem about her.  I asked her if she minded me writing it (because that is the right thing to do) and she said no, it is beautiful.  I am still fixing it up but here goes.




And when she comes into my mouth my eyes
closing to the blue
envelopes flap through her downcast eye.

Lids and pots, black to blue,
cy more like indigo or night violet it’s
really a throbbing thing
not burnt
or with “a cry.”

She makes me laugh
and when I double over
the bathroom sink
clutching my dick
she moans her lips pressed into the cold basin
I place my forehead near her faucet
no words can describe


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