The scene is different

everything is dark

a chaotic moon used to swoon upon the dust,

but now it is dead.

Everyone hates me

My mom didn’t even call

I don’t remember anything that happened last Tuesday and I got paid last Tuesday

Social media makes me mad.

All the remembering of laundered things

a dormant doormat doesn’t know a thing about power dynamics.

I am tired of hearing you talking about strength and nicole,

No  one is going back to what has turned demonic

like Nicole.

Everybody that is female has had a major trauma

Everyone coping

What can I say to respond to these things the way that is okay

No right way,

female dieties are symbolic of jupitor or scorpio or god

everyone is screwed over hades

please do not take me to the king of the underworld.



I’m experiencing heart-ache and sharing about it

Not answering my call and I should have known b the way she answered my questions the last few times we talked.  She was very distant and my sister said she was weird at the grocery story when she checked her out.  And she lied,  so that’s happening

Love one another.

Let us all love one another.  We can learn from history that anger, hate, and fighting does not get us anywhere and it will lead into a nother civil war if it is left unchecked.  Let us chose the light and love, read positive affirmations and offer a smile to a stranger, it helps.

Let us not repeat negative influences to each  other.  It is not helping.  Let this be a chain of love and purport it like the “letter chains” we used to do.  Send this to 10 people you love (and even those you don’t) and you will spread positive light.  Keep your smile going!

Be in peace.

Too much

I actually saw this at my friends house.  He makes a point.   I get nervous when people start hawking products.  It’s too much.   Well guys, work’s been busy, not much poetry as you can see.

I think my girlfriend took this class

Keep Reading!  It gets funnier after the first one.  Off to the races!





I’m sorry I missed our date.  I hope your reading this,



Don’t leave

I wrote a poem.  It’s corny, but what I mean to say.




You may think I cared if you lied

I don’t. I mean I won’t, well

I do.


But it’s only for a moment

when I think of you I

condone it.

And I know that this rhymes

I can’t help.


If only you knew

how much I’d rather with you

you would no longer fear

what I think.


Believe me baby I say

I’d take any day

than a year

with some one

if you knew.

Google can affect your credit score?!

I just found out that Google can affect your credit score by the searches you make!!  Crazy 💬




re: Beth

After the rough week I had I was doing just fine handling it and then I had a rocky spot, but Beth made a joke that literally killed me.

She is so funny.  I won’t go on and on.  I have to write something and I will not let my Blog go barren again.


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